10 Ways to Make Homemade Fries Taste Better
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10 Ways to Make Homemade Fries Taste Better

1. The Perfect Potato Picking

Homemade Fries-Prior to even considering turning on the fryer, you must begin with the proper tuber. Regarding the preparation of fries, not every potato is created equal. Russets are considered superior in the fry game due to their elevated starch content, which produces the airy interior that is universally desired. After a long day, nothing hits the spot quite like indulging in a piping hot order of loaded fries takeaway near me, complete with all the fixings and flavor explosions. Therefore, for perfectly cooked fries, visit your local market and purchase a container of russets. 

2. Soak Up the Flavor

After obtaining the potatoes, it is now appropriate to lavish them with a wellness treatment. By rinsing potatoes in cool water for approximately 30 minutes prior to frying, surplus starch can be eliminated, resulting in fries with a tender interior and a crusty exterior. It is as if you were accelerating the fries’ path to perfection! 

3. Twice Fry Them

The place where the enchantment takes place. Rather than frying the potatoes a single time, do so twice in the heated oil. After frying them for a few minutes at a lower temperature (approximately 325°F), remove them, increase the heat, and fry them once more until golden brown and brittle. This double-frying method is precisely what you need to achieve that delectable texture that will make your taste receptors sing. 

4. Spice Up Your Life

Who says potatoes must be simplistic? Enhance the gustatory experience by liberally coating potatoes with a diverse assortment of spices and herbs. The variety is boundless, whether one prefers traditional salt and pepper, piquant Cajun seasoning, or smouldering paprika. Explore various amalgamations in order to identify the optimal flavour profile. 

5. Get Cheesy with It

Doesn’t everything taste better with cheese? In the final minutes of cooking, scatter some grated cheese over the potatoes and allow it to melt into a gooey, golden delicacy. Crumbs of cheddar, mozzarella, or even blue cheese are all viable options. Anticipate a gustatory sensation that will compel you to seek out additional servings (and even thirds)! 

6. Dip, Dip

Fries are something with a variety of marinating condiments to complement them. The limitless array of possibilities extends from traditional condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise to unique flavours like fiery sriracha aioli and piquant barbecue sauce. One may freely combine ingredients to their liking, or they may venture out and create a unique signature sauce. Whatever you decide, ensure that there are sufficient quantities for everyone. 

7. Embrace the Fry Toppings

Why limit yourself to simply seasoning and dipping potatoes when you have an abundance of delectable garnishes to elevate them to an entirely new level? Consider topping it with minced avocado, sautéed onions and peppers, bacon pieces that have been rendered crispy, or even a fried egg. When it comes to fry garnishes, the sky’s the limit; therefore, do not hesitate to be inventive and load them high! 

Homemade Fries

8. Go Beyond Potatoes

Who says fries must be prepared with potatoes? Experiment with a variety of vegetables in order to discover an entirely new universe of fry possibilities. Carrots, sweet potatoes, and zucchini are all delectable substitutes for the traditional tuber. Furthermore, each crusty mouthful will provide you with an additional supply of vitamins and nutrients. 

9. Fry them till They’re Crispy 

After frying, one of the keys to achieving flawlessly crispy potatoes is to ensure that they are completely drained. This is to prevent the fries from becoming gummy. We assure you that your taste receptors will be appreciative. 

Homemade Fries

10. Share the Fry Love

Fries, last but not least, are intended to be shared with loved ones. Therefore, assemble your loved ones, pass the plate of crisp-fresh fries, and devour them all at once. Something about sharing a plate of delectable fries brings people closer together and forges lifelong memories. 


Having adopted these ten recommendations as your repertoire, you are firmly progressing towards becoming an exceptional fry master. Therefore, preheat the fryer, exercise ingenuity in the culinary arts, and readiness to endure a gustatory expedition that shall leave you yearning for more. Undoubtedly, whether one is partaking in a solitary fry celebration or sharing with companions, life needs to be longer for tasteless fries. Visit techaroa for more.