How Home Nurses Provide Specialized Care for Post-Surgery Recovery in Pakistan
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How Home Nurses Provide Specialized Care for Post-Surgery Recovery in Pakistan

After the post-surgery, it’s really difficult for any patient to commute to the hospital for checkups. Because of stitches, doctors strictly advise staying at home and not doing any type of work that involves movement of the body then how taking a ride with heavy speed bumps can be safe for a patient. That is the reason that the demand for home nursing services is increasing rapidly. Let’s discuss in detail the challenges faced by post-surgery patients and how home nurses provide specialized care for their quick recovery.

Importance of specialized care after surgery

Either minor or major surgery leaves a mark on a person’s life for a lifetime.  Post-surgery care is itself a journey to go through for patients. It can be a step towards helping patients to heal from the past and become better for the bright future. However, the period of recovering from surgery is mentally challenging and time-consuming as well. 

At this time, a patient needs emotional and medical support for quick recovery and to move on to the path of success.  Specialized care from experts can help in speedy recovery and timely wound care by taking pain management capsules. In this article, we are exploring this type of specialized care for post-surgery patients and how home nurses  are doing a great job in providing compassionate care for their patients 

Challenges faced by patients during recovery

It can be a challenging task for the patient to recover from surgery. The journey of post-surgery recovery can vary from patient to patient’s health condition and the severity of the surgery being done.

Pain controlling: 

To bear pain and stay calm is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is really necessary to take pills or injections for pain relief which sometimes can cause disturbance of mind and nature. 

Prevention of infection:

It’s quite important to take care of the cleanliness of the surgery part area. otherwise, it could be a cause of severe health condition issues because of germs or any type of bacteria. in this care, proper wound care is necessary to reduce the risk of complications as much as possible 

Mentally Disturbance:

Patients can feel exhausted by lying on the bed and imprisoned in a room when unable to do regular work like eating/taking a bath by themselves. It’s a challenging task for them to stay in this disability mode. 

Emotionally Weak:

Sometimes patients lose hope of recovery or can go into a state of depression or anxiety. At this time, they could need emotional support and a shoulder to stay with them and to bring hope for recovery. 

Nutritionist support:

Post-surgery patients can face the digestive disturbance issue. Sometimes, the doctor recommends taking liquid foods only. They could lose their strength by skipping meals. They need specialized care that takes care of their nutrition and feeds them on time.

Why is there a need for home nursing services for post-surgery?

The recovery after Post surgery requires specialized care which could not be done properly by a layman. There is a chance of instant pain or some bandage change or any case of bleeding starting because of any cause. Home nursing services in Islamabad or even in the whole of Pakistan are the best option when the patient is in a critical condition in post-surgery. 

There could be fewer healthcare resources for quick medication in case of emergency, especially in rural areas. while home nurses keep all the necessary items and medicine in their bags. Staying in the hospital can be costly for a patient’s family when it will take months to recover, on the other hand, home nursing services are much cheaper than staying in the hospital. Nurses will provide specialized care and affection toward patients which will help in quick recovery.

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How do home nurses provide specialized care for post-surgery recovery in Pakistan?

Home nursing in Pakistan are professionally trained and experts in their. They know how to handle a patient who is suffering from physical illness. Here are some ways to understand how home nurses provide specialized support to post-surgery patients in Pakistan. 

Instant pain-controlling solution: 

They have the option of injections or pills to give to the patients in case of severe pain. They are well-trained in massaging and other relaxation techniques to relieve the pain of the patient.

Fewer chance of infection:

In hospitals, there could be a chance of tools that are infected by other patients’ diseases but at home nursing services, they are utilizing clean tools for only one person at a time so there will be less chance of infections for patients. They are changing the bandage and cleaning the wound with proper sanitization which will keep the wound clean and help in quick recovery. 

Mental support:

They are always beside the patient and making strong bonding and with positive vibes, motivating the patients to never lose hope and make a to-do list of what he/she wants to do after recovery. They use different psychological techniques to keep patients busy with positive activities and not let any negativity come into their minds. They communicate with patients, understand them, and ensure their speedy recovery with their compassionate care. 

Nutritional Guidance:

They take care of the food and ensure patients are intaking food on time and also take vitamin supplements that will help in quick healing of the internally and good health of patients externally.