What Are the Most Popular Indian Dress Styles for Festivals?
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What Are the Most Popular Indian Dress Styles for Festivals?

Festivals have always been a significant part of the Indian culture and people love to dress up in their traditional best to mark these events. 

Indian festivals are famous for the glamour in celebrating and the beautiful dresses associated with them. Be it Diwali or Holi every festival is a platform where the traditional as well as modern fashion take center stage. Girls that want to find the information about Indian outfits UK here are the most pleasing Indian dress types that will make you stand out in the festive season.  


It is shocking to find that the saree is one of the most famous ethnic wears that has been associated with dignified femininity. It is a material which is executed all over the body in different styles, each area in India has its own style of draping this cloth. Whether it is a Diwali season and one is planning to buy a new saree maybe a Banarasi silk saree or may be a simple cotton saree to wear in the winter festival, this type of dress continues to be a favorite of many.  

Lehenga Choli: 

Lehenga choli based dress in which lehenga means a long skirt and choli means a blouse and dupatta is opted for the grand function. Stitched with beautiful embroidery containing sequins and mirrors or mirror work lehenga is best suited for marriage ceremony and Navratri the festival where dancing along with cultural clothing is famous. 

Salwar Kameez: 

It is where comfort meets style This essay aims at establishing the meaning of it is where comfort meets style and provide support for the main holding of the essay. Salwar kameez is a very comfortable dress especially for the Indian women where tunic is called kameez, trousers are called salwar and the stole is called dupatta. Sheer elegance defines this type of costume and because it can be worn for day long functions, it is available in different types such as the straight cut kameez, the Anarkali costume and many more. 

What Are the Most Popular Indian Dress Styles for Festivals 1

Anarkali Suit: 

Anarkali suits are characterized by a long fitted section that starts from the bust down to the knee then an umbrella like flare. Usually these suits are ornamented and named after the famous Indian courtesan Anarkali; the suits are perfect for the occasions like parties and functions. They are somewhat royal and dramatic in their appearance yet fashionable and comfortable at the same time. 

Kurta Pajama: 

Kurta pajama is a common dress preferably worn by men during festivals. Kurta is a long shirt received with pajama an un-tight fitting trouser or pant. This attire can be casual or lavish depending on the intricacy of the embroidery on the clothes and fits variety of fests and other official ceremonies. 


Sharara sets are distinguished by wide-legged flared pants with a short or long draped tunic or kameez and the dupatta on the top. This style trademarked from Mughal fashion elicits a revival and is one of the most popular trends for today’s modern festive wear that retains the customary royal dress interspersed by contemporary lifestyle. 


Lying somewhere between sharara and gharara is the sharara because, while both are different styles on their own, the sharara is a long robe that partially covers the pants. When teamed up with a kurti and an odhani, it is one of the most traditional festive/wedding wears that looks elegant and charming.

Dhoti Kurta: 

Dhoti kurta is one of the oldest forums of traditional dressing for men that is still professed to date. The dhoti is a kind of home apparel where a piece of cloth is tied around the waist and legs and a kurta is worn over it. This outfit has its essence prescribed in the Indian culture and is traditionally worn during religious events.  

Churidaar Suit: 

Churidaar suits have close fitted trousers that end in a kind of bangle at the ankles with palazzos. When accompanied by a tunic, this clothing style is literally very stylish and slimming, and therefore is popular among both sexes during the holidays. 

Indo-Western Fusion Dress: 

Fusion wear outfit incorporates India traditional style and cuts on attire but the overall design and style of the clothing is based on western fashion. This is a perfect style ideal for those who wish to be very distinct yet respect cultural connotations. Be it draped saree gowns to lehenga skirts with crop tops, there is no end to creativity when it comes to nightwear.  

Pattu Pavadai: 

It is designed for little girls’ delight, of course; for it is many a bright little girl who is spending her days swinging idly in the green English countryside while the war goes on. To young girls the Pattu Pavadai also known as Langa Voni is a festive wear mostly worn in the South Indian region. This includes a silk skirt with top – and the blouse that complements the entire look, sometimes with border work and creations in zari. It is cute, and at the same time, it has cultural relevance in this era.  

Bandhgala: The Indian Tuxedo 

Bandhgala or the Jodhpuri suit is formal and has serious glamour quotient associated with it for men. This suit consists of a blazer with a hood and trousers or a matching skirt. It is appropriate for formal occasions and it also used throughout the happy occasions, festivals and celebrations.  


Indian festivals are a time to party and the kinds of apparels worn bear testimony to this fact given the richness and colors of Indian culture. The first dress style known as saree has a classic, some would say even ethereal look that will take you way back in time while the second option- the newly created Indo- western fusion dresses symbolize more of the contemporary festive looks as vividly depicted in the given figure of Mithila painting. Whether you seek Indian outfits UK, or anywhere else for that matter, this guide aims to give you a brief if Indian dress styles available for festivals so you can truly sparkle at your next event.

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