What Are the Best Ways to Store Blankets When Not in Use?
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What Are the Best Ways to Store Blankets When Not in Use?

When it involves storing blankets, you’d be surprised at what number of innovative and realistic answers are available. Whether you’re looking to keep space or honestly want to maintain your blankets looking sparkling, there are plenty of ways to stash them away smartly. From baskets to storage ottomans, let’s dive into the first-rate methods to keep your cozy partners.

Basket With Lid

The coolest ol’ basket with a lid is a tradition for a cause. These awful boys are available in all shapes and sizes, and they are best for those who need their storage to appear as exact as its capabilities. Not simplest do they preserve your calming blankets out of sight, but in addition they upload a hint of rustic attraction to any room. Plus, baskets with lids are distinctly flexible. You can tuck them away in a nook or place them proper inside the center of your living space as a fashionable accessory piece.

Storage Ottoman

Here’s a two-for-one deal: a storage ottoman. This nifty piece of fixtures doubles as a seat and a storage area. You can locate these in various designs to suit your decor, and they’re first rate for small areas wherein you want each piece of furniture to pull double duty. Just carry the lid, toss to your blankets, and voila! Instant muddle management. It’s also extraordinary for those moments whilst you want to stash things fast earlier than visitors arrive.

Laundry Bag

Now, you might be questioning, “A laundry bag? Really?” But hear me out. Laundry luggage can be a surprising hero when it comes to blanket storage. They’re ideal for gentle, lightweight blankets that don’t want to be displayed. Just roll up your blankets, slide them right into a laundry bag, and stash it in a closet or beneath the bed. It’s an easy, price range-friendly answer that works wonders for keeping your blankets out of sight and guarded from dust.

Box Spring

This one’s a piece unconventional, however stay with me. If you’ve got a box spring, you’ve got a built-in garage area simply ready to be applied. Simply carry the mattress and save your blankets among the slats and the box spring. It’s a clever manner to apply space that’s typically forgotten. Plus, your blankets might be neatly tucked away but nonetheless easily reachable whilst you want them. Just make certain they’re in a protecting cowl to hold them clean and clean.


If you’ve got a trunk, you’ve been given a treasure chest of storage alternatives. Trunks are perfect for storing cumbersome blankets and uploading a vintage vibe for your decor. They’re spacious, sturdy, and can maintain a shocking quantity of stuff. You can locate a trunk at the foot of your mattress, within the residing room, or maybe within the hallway as an announcement piece. Not to say, they’re super verbal exchange starters. People can be asking you about that cool trunk and you could smugly say, “Oh, that? It’s where I preserve my blankets.”

Roll Into a Basket

Sometimes, simplicity is fundamental. Rolling your blankets and popping them into a basket can be both functional and aesthetically fascinating. It’s a clean manner to save your blankets without tons of fuss. Plus, rolled blankets look neat and soak up less area. You can use an open basket and surround it by the couch or in the bedroom for brief get right of entry to. It’s best for those chilly evenings when you want a blanket in a pinch.

Store Under the Bed

When area is at a premium, under-the-bed storage can be an actual lifesaver. Invest in some storage packing containers or baggage particularly designed for below-bed use. You can without problems slide them inside and out, making them best for storing blankets which you don’t want every day. This technique maintains your blankets out of sight however inside clean attain, and it’s an exquisite manner to maximise space in small flats or bedrooms.

Storage Bins

Storage containers are a versatile and practical alternative for blanket storage. They are available in all sizes and styles, and you can pick ones with lids to maintain your blankets dust-free. Label each bin so you realize precisely what’s inside, and stack them in a closet or storage room. Clear packing containers are specifically on hand due to the fact you can see the contents while not having to open each one. They’re perfect for individuals who love an excellent organizational machine.

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Conclusion on Storing Blankets

Whether you decide on the appeal of a basket with a lid, the dual-cause functionality of a garage ottoman, or the simplicity of rolling your blankets into a basket, there’s a storage answer obtainable that fits your wishes. Get creative together with your garage alternatives and preserve your area searching tidy and fashionable. After all, there’s not anything better than understanding your relaxed blankets are neatly tucked away, equipped to be pulled out whilst you want them maximum.